Friday, November 02, 2007

Wandering in Tokyo

Napping in Ueno Park

Trash at the Tokyo fish Market... That was an experience, I have some other fliks from there but I like this one the best, I had some of the best Sushi I think, actually I know I've ever had. It was suggested in my Loney Planet book called Daiwa Sushi, literally right in the fish market, the fish was crazy fresh. Funny story too was the older couple from Boston that got inline right behind me. They were from Beacon hill they had the thickest accent, I'm half way around the world and I run into Sox fans, classic.

Moat that surrounds the palace.

If click on this picture you can see it a bit bigger, it was kind of a crazy scene, some worker got hurt down in a man hole and they had to hoist him out. You can see the tarps they put up so it blocked the scene from most of the street, I thought I was going to see a bloody mess, but the guy was just in shock.

This shot was from the 52nd floor of the Mori Tower in Roppogi, there is an amazing modern art gallery there as well. Saw a great show of a bunch of Japanese contemporary artists, I'll try to list some names later.

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Anonymous said...

these are dope bro, i'm so jealous that yer in japan. miss you man