Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Knoxville prt2

Here was another picture I stumbled upon when scouting for Clay. I was searching for a court, following some sketchy path and I found some sketchy shit. There was a bunch of satan symbols and swastikas as well as this nasty ass blanket, but I thought it made for a good picture.

Also, a comment about color. I have a really hard time making color photographs, if you see something in color on here, it was probably the one out of a hundred that I saw as a color photograph from close to the beginning. I probably even shot this in black and white but once home realized it was a color picture. Personally I think color just distracts from my pictures. Most of my photographer friends shoot color and I envy them and I love their photos, I just hate most of my pictures in color.

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Mr. La Rock said...

Where's the satan symbols and swastikas homie?