Thursday, November 22, 2007

More on blogging prt2

So I was talking to my good friend and fellow photographer Dylan Vitone. He was giving me some shit like he normally does but we do mix in a good amount of serious talk about photography and life. We got on the subject of this blog I've started. He described it so eloquently when saying that the photos I'm putting up are ones that would just end up in a box somewhere, or in my case a hard drive. I agreed completely. Although some may eventually make it into the regular web page, but for the most part they won't but they will still live on the blog. He also mentioned something about not always having to take serious photos. I still really enjoy taking pictures, not just pictures for some mag or to build my book, but just capturing my surrounding.

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kris KR3W said...

GYEAH BOUUY.... shoot shoot and don't give a hoot! thanks for the readings