Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jordan Upstate

Went upstate today assisting Arnarldo Anaya Luca for Russian GQ, the location was this old farm house. Rainy and cold, but the light was great. Also along for the ride was Jordan, I love this kid. We used to work together all the time back in the Jamil GS days but as of late its only from time to time. I haven't seen Jordan since the wedding so it was really good to catch up. Kid's got his fingers in alot of pots but the two you should really check out is his artwork at www.publicadcampaign.com and the other is his band http://www.myspace.com/thegreatmistakeof1898. I've shot Jordan many times before, but this is his first appearance on the blog. Jordan said, "You love shooting me smoking." Its true, smoking does make you look cool.

Jordan Upstate, NY 2007

Country Road. Upstate, NY 2007

Jordan Upstate, NY 2007

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