Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eastside, Westside, Lancaster...

Its funny, living in LA you are so much closer to nature, your constantly reminded of it. On a fairly clear day, even from downtown you can see the mountains. If your on the west side its the ocean.

Stadium Way
Elysian Park
Los Angeles, CA 2010

Had to post this, its similar to this picture from a few weeks ago but I think its a bit more dynamic, I also spent more time on the color.
View from Elysian Park II
Los Angeles, CA 2010

Daniel Wiener
Venice Beach, CA 2010


Venice Beach, CA 2010

In the desert outside of LA there are these fake gas stations and fake motels that have way too much character. If you passed them you might think how quaint or how "americana" these places are. I guess thats what they are supposed to be.

Old Airstream
Lancaster, CA 2010

Abandoned old movie props
Lancaster, CA 2010

Old armchair
Lancaster, CA 2010

Corner of a bed
Lancaster, CA 2010

Two old pickup trucks
Lancaster, CA 2010

Trying to pick up the pace. Hoping to have a big update on the site soon and finally some video coming in a month or two.