Saturday, November 03, 2007

Last night Tokyo

My last night in tokyo was pretty fun, I stayed out super late and met a bunch of cool folks, the only thing that sucked was I wasn't alowed to take photos in the hip hop club I was at most of the night. The club was pretty chill and it was an after party for the Boot Camp click show, I had shot them before so it was cool to say whats up and chat for minute, met a bunch of other cool cats as well, some through Norm and some Americans that I just started talking to.

Here's Norm spinning some records at some club called the Game. We checked out a live show upstairs as well before we headed over the the Boot camp click thing.

This is one of Norm's designers Hiroaki ( and He's also a dj and was spinning records at this spot Game. Hiroaki just did a colabo with my homey Steve Holding ( I shot this backstage before their friend's band went on.

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