Thursday, November 15, 2007

Saturday, 10 2007

So after the birthday party friday night I met up with Steve and Jourdanais, had a blast. It was just the three of us but we atleast drank for six. The next morning I was spent, but an old friend was in town and Hanksy called me to get some lunch. So around 1pm I met up with Hanks and we caught lunch and then headed over to the brooklyn brewery to meet up with Colby and his fiancee who were visiting from MA. After the brewery we got some beers and chilled in the park for a bit. After that I had to part ways and headed home to freshen up for Marion and Steve's house warming party. The party was great. I was pretty well on my way when I got there due to my afternoon but it didn't take long for everyone to catch up.

Hanks, Bushwick Ave. Brooklyn 2007
Light was so amazing when we were leaving to meet up with Colby. I've been wanting to shoot someone in these spots at this time during the day for a while now. To be honest the I'd like to shoot the wide shot again cause I'm not feeling the light on Hanks' face, but overall I like it alot.

Colby McCarren Park, Brooklyn 2007
I've known Colby for a while now, he's originally from Newburyport, MA the town over from where I grew up, I met him through Don and Hanks. It was great to see him in BK and catch a couple of drink. A big congrats as well, Colby is engaged.

Marion Sunnyside?, Queens 2007
Here was the hostess of the night, one of my and Kate's best friends. As always the food was great. Steve and Marion just moved into this new spot, really nice apartment, its massive. Also there's Dust in the corner making a comment on something I'm sure. LOL.

Kate 2007
Here's my beautiful wife. She had came straight from airport from MA/NH. Our niece Alia was in the school play Wizard of OZ as Dorothy. Unfortunately I couldn't make due to the bday party I had too shoot, but I heard she did a great job. Kate went up for the night but made it back just in time for the party.

Marty 2007
I did a couple of shots for Marion that she could use as reference ( and I really liked this one of Marty. Marty' s got a jewelry/clothing company OCD. I've been shooting the still life photos of his jewelryfor him, always a good time.

Steve 2007
And here's our Host of the night Steve. Good to have him back in NY.

Asif 2007
Brown baggin' it. Check out this dude, I'd like to classify him as one thig but I can't, he's just a sick ass artist

Jen 2007
Fellow Mass Art transplant and party girl.

Kate 2007

Marion 2007

Thank you marion and steve for such a good time!

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Anonymous said...

Such a good time with such good friends. Much love to everyone and thanks Adam for all the pictures. The pictures look great.