Friday, November 02, 2007

round TWO

So here we are again trying to start a blog up, I was going to use flicker but I want to be able to write more about the pictures. Due to my change of heart in photography, I'm going to try to put atleast one new picture every few days. Also, not every picture might not be toned/retouched/tweeked to its final stage, thats what my website is for. I basically just want a place to put up pictures that circle around my life whether I like it for the image or the story.

Right now I'm in a small hotel somewhere in Ginza district in Tokyo, killing a little time, resting my legs, preparing for a long night out with my new local friend Norm (big ups for Steve for the introduction).


Michael J said...

Beautiful pics Adam. What's the change of heart?

Adam Amengual said...

Just trying to take more picture for me. Thanks for the comment homey, can't wait to see your pictures from Italy