Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tony Ray-Jones

I feel it’s rare that I'm really blown away by someone that I've never seen before. I see different photographers works all the time that I am impressed by but not like this. As my photographic style has shifted so has my influences and who my favorite photographers are. When I was super into lighting and creating a photo in college it was Crewdson, later on it portrait photographers like Avedon. But now I'm really digging on the documentary classics these days like Robert Frank for example. Recently, after watching a great 6 part documentary film on the history of photography called, Genius of Photography on some new channel called Ovation, I found someone I never heard of or seen before, the work of British photographer, Tony Ray-Jones. He had a pretty short part but I was really drawn to his photos. After doing a bit of research today I found out he died at only 30 from cancer. Here is some links, definitely check him out.

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