Monday, May 24, 2010


Finally getting to upload some of my personal photos from Iraq. Didn't get to shoot as much for myself as I had wanted. Many many many rules there. Between shooting my assignment and the fact that most people there do not want to be photographed, it was pretty difficult. One of the most eye opening experiences I've ever had. It's been well over a month since I got back and it seems so long ago already. Almost surreal. Most of the photos here are from Kurdistan. I was in Baghdad for most of the trip but it wasn't till we hit the road and drove up to the city of Sulaymaniyah in Kurdistan (northern Iraq) that I was able to be a bit freer with my camera. Kurdistan is really mellow, comparatively speaking and has been since the war began. We didn't need any security while shooting there and there were many westerners around.

The main assignment was to produce photographs for the Iraqi Ministry of Energy. The idea is to encourage energy conservation and to ensue confidence that the Iraqi government was doing all they can to make the country's energy supply more stable. I will post links to the website and post some images from the brochure when they are published.

I have to say it was a great learning experience both as a human being and as a photographer. I go to go places that most senators, presidents, soldiers never get to go to and talk to the real people that this whole mess has affected. Its a sad sad place but as in most situations that you think no one can enjoy life, there are smiles and people trying to make the best of a bad situation.


Baghdad, Iraq 2010

Flower Garden
Baghdad, Iraq 2010

Palm Tree
Baghdad, Iraq 2010

Dust Storm
Somewhere in Iraq 2010

Fence with tire
Kurdistan region, Iraq 2010

Kurdistan region, Iraq 2010

Tree in parking lot
Sulaymaniyah, Iraq 2010

Two Kurdish Men
Sulaymaniyah, Iraq 2010

Sunrise from my hotel room
Sulaymaniyah, Iraq 2010

Iraqi National part of my security team
Kurdistan region, Iraq 2010

Gas station office
Kurdistan region, Iraq 2010

Gas station attendant
Kurdistan region, Iraq 2010

Iraqi Nationals on my security team
Kurdistan region, Iraq 2010

Unfortunately the South Africans from our security team would not let me photograph them. They were super nice guys and really hospitable. Its complicated as to why they don't like to be photographed, some political and some personal reasons. Special thanks to Reed for taking such good care of us.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


My expenses are almost as high as my photography income and I have so little left at the end even when I am lucky. So, maybe I am not qualified to answer this question. Then why am I doing photography? I think it is a combination of passion and stupidity. For me, photography is intellectual, artistic, and curiosity fulfilling. I love making photographs.

–Hiroshi Watanabe

via Two Way Lens

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Joshua Tree

Kate and I went to Joshua Tree National Forrest a weeks ago. We went just for a night but did a hike in the afternoon and then the following morning. Got to love California, now that its getting warmer we are going to start exploring up north of the city.

Ryan Mountain
Joshua Tree, CA 2010

From the top of Ryan Mountain
Joshua Tree, CA 2010

Cactus and other plants
Joshua Tree, CA 2010

49 Palms Oasis
Joshua Tree, CA 2010

Parking Lot
Joshua Tree, CA 2010