Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A town hall meeting...

I was in the area so I went up to Portsmouth, NH yesterday to check out the scene around the President's town hall meeting at the local high school. I was drawn more to the people against health care reform, I don't consider myself a photojournalist so I'm not trying to depict any kind of skew by photographing them more than the other side, they just happened to be more interesting looking to me.
It was a very frustrating scene. Both sides yelled things at each other that really neither sides cares about. So no one was going to convince either side of anything.
I was hoping to see the President, but I didn't. To be honest, the whole experience kind of bummed me out.


Family of protesters

Elderly protester

Line to get into the event

Younger protesters

A protester and his dog

Protest signs

Protester with neon green sign

Health care reform supporter with pipe

Health care reform supporters' resting spot

Protester with bull horn


Children's playground
Chelsea, NYC 2009

Pigeons and public housing
Chelsea, NYC 2009

West 4th street basketball and handball courts
The Village, NYC 2009

A man cleaning the west 4th street basketball and handball courts
The Village, NYC 2009

Elephant ear plant at my step dad's apartment
NY, NY 2009

Kate in between words
Salisbury Beach, MA 2009

BMX Kids out for a day in Boston
Boston, MA 2009

Dirty subway fan
Boston, MA 2009

Tossed away flowers
Queens, NY 2009

A community garden
Brooklyn, NY 2009

Rebecca hanging out in Addie's backyard
Brooklyn, NY 2009

Joey, Addie's super
Brooklyn, NY 2009

Addie's cat Jake
Brooklyn, NY 2009

Entrance to LaGuardia Airport
Queens, NY 2009

Flower bush and fence
Queens, NY 2009

Peach trees 1
Newbury, MA 2009

Peach trees 2
Newbury, MA 2009

I uploaded all these to flickr first, seemed to be a bit faster and I can organize their order better. Please let me know if this there is any complaints. Also, I think I'm going to start editing down a bit more.

Friday, August 07, 2009


3 Little Birds performed by unknown duo
125th St. platform for of the 4, 5, 6 train.
Just about everyone was smiling while waiting for the train.

I want to start putting up some sound bites here, maybe include them with some photos.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Some more pictures from my everyday...

Here's some stuff from the past week or so.

Hampton Beach scene 2009

Kid hunting from crabs by the break water
Salisbury, MA 2009

Door that doesn't open
Byfield, MA 2009

Rest stop on ramp.
Somewhere on Interstate 89 in VT 2009

Out behind a tourist information center.
Somewhere on Interstate 89 in VT 2009

Local girl in downtown Montpelier, VT 2009

These last few are from a friend's wedding I shot this past weekend up in VT, a couple of portraits of guests as well as two of the newly weds.

Ethan standing in for a light test.
Montpelier, VT 2009

Bride and Groom's brother in law and violinist
Montpelier, VT 2009

Asif Mian
Montpelier, VT 2009

Rebecca Lopez-Howes
Montpelier, VT 2009

Mioko & James on their wedding day
Montpelier, VT 2009