Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm currently in our nation's capital, shooting some more for a project Roger Gastman is working on. I can't show most of the photographs but I can show a couple of portraits of the crew. I really really like this composition, I think that i like it too much. Much like I was stuck on the bust/head shot composition, this is now my new favorite way to shoot portraits. I know I really enjoy having the landscape in the picture and when shooting back lit like this it just make it feel like such a moment. I can't wait to get that 4x5 camera, I can only imagine what these would look like if shot large format.
We've been shooting in some really bad neighborhoods trying to find some relics of the past. Not poorest neighborhoods I've ever been in, I've got to say the areas around Jackson, Mississippi would unfortunately win that award.

These two are of Corey, a local artist and graffiti writer. He's been helping Roger with the project, kind of as a local producer and historian of D.C.
I think I like the second image the most, but I like that there is some depth to the first, some stuff in the foreground, this is something I was to keep in mind.

Corey portrait 1, Washington D.C. South East 2008

Corey portrait 2, Washington D.C. South East 2008

Here is Ned, he's the video camera man on the project.

Ned, Washington D.C. South East 2008

I'm here for a few more days. I'm sure I'll do another post about the trip when I return to NY.

Out and about: Brooklyn

Had a few photographs hung at my friend and fellow artist Daniel St. George's apartment the other night in an impromptu show. He had cleared out his apt and hung work from several of his friends. It was super last minute so I apologize if I didn't tell anyone about it. I had shown a few pictures from my last trip to Brazil which you can see in a previous post. It was a pretty chill. Couple other friends had work in the show as well: Asif Mian and Zach Johnsen. After the show a few of us went to a house party, all in all a pretty chill night.

Asif, Brooklyn 2008

Kate, Brookyn 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

LA LA another big city of dreams

Just got back from a week of assisting in LA. Over all a good time, got to catch up with a bunch of people. It had been over 6 months since I was last out there and it was good to be back. All the people I know out there always show me a good time and are super hospitable. Minus all the bullshit, I think I could move out there someday. Just like NYC there is a bunch of shitty people and a bunch of shitty scenes. But just like NYC you got to see past all that and see what's good and there is definitely a lot of good people.

"LA Scape" 2008

Usually on these jobs I get my own room, but this trip it was shared with my friend and fellow assistant Hugh. Hugh is a sick photographer in his own right check out his work here. Needless to say there was a bunch of down time. It was good though, Hugh and I have known each other for a while now but it was really good to just chill and talk about life and photography.

Hugh at the Mondrian Hotel LA, CA 2008

Hung out one afternoon with a friend from college, Gabe Lacktman. I usually get to see him when I'm out there, he's shown me some wild times out there but this was just a chill afternoon. He's been working as a graphic designer out there and has been doing some stuff for TOM's. We chilled for a minute at his friend Phylo's spot. The massive pitt is Phylo's, I forget his name. Also Gabe gave me a CD of Brother Reade, it's definitely in the hipster genre of hip hop but it has still got to be some of the better stuff I've heard in a long time, I'm not saying I love every track but there is a good mix of thought provoking rhymes but not the emo bullshit thats been put out by other indie hip-hop acts. The other thing is that they are not clowns. It feels like today if its not commercial rap you get either street wear nerds or emo crap. Maybe there is still some hope for hip-hop. Check out their myspace here.

Gabe outside Phylo's apt. LA, CA 2008

Phylo's Pup 2008

Hugh in Beverly Hills, CA 2008

Thursday, January 03, 2008


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From the archive: MSK AWR Road trip w/ Revok, Saber, and Retna

I was hired a while back to hang out with some graff writers and document the leg of their east coast tour that was sponsored by boost mobile. The trip started in Brooklyn, NY, then went to Philly and ended in Atlanta. Roger at Swindle was hired to produce the whole thing and gave me a huge opportunity to tag along and document the trip. It was my first time ever hired to shoot more than a portrait. I had never done anything like this and I knew it was going to be a huge learning experience. Looking back I know I missed some things but all in all it was a great experience that I will never forget and I hope I get to do something similar again some day. The writers were great, they were all mad cool. They were also some of the biggest guys out there from one of the biggest crews. Like I said before, I learned a ton on shooting this kind of thing but also a bit about graffiti. These guys knew people in every city we went to, especially ATL. Man, that is a fun ass place. I really wish I was able to photograph when we went out, I did a bit, but not to the extent I would have wanted to. I don't think this is the final edit, still need to go through them a bit more. I've talked a few times to these guys and they are all cool with me photographing them some more. I think I am going to plan a trip out to Cali around March to shoot some more, I'd really like to get some audio to do a some multi media stuff. The stories these guys tell are great.

Revok talking to police at permission wall in DUMBO, Brooklyn 2007

Finished permission wall in DUMBO, Brooklyn 2007

Saber stands in front of gallery installation at the Powerhouse Gallery. Dumbo, Brooklyn 2007

These guys had a good friend who wrote Tie that was shot and killed while bombing in SF. Really tragic story, he was only 17 or 18 years old. Somebody thought he was a robber and shot him in the back when he was running away. Since then they've gotten reproductions of stickers that Tie had made. They put them up in his memory as well as tag his name.

Saber with Tie sticker. Philly 2007

Revok catches some tags in Philly. 2007

"Skram" MSK AWR. Bombing clean trains in Philly. 2007

Revok inviting me out to the train lay-up was a great opportunity. To give me that kind of access was very cool on his part. He asked me the first day if I would be down to do something like that. It was the only night we went out, but it was a big one. The trains actually ran into the city.

Revok and "Skram" bomb clean trains in Philly. 2007

Kids watch as Saber paints permission wall in Philly. 2007

Saber taking a smoke brake with local kids in Philly. 2007

Revok. Philly 2007

Retna and Revok hotel room ATL 2007

Retna ATL 2007

So hopefully in the next year I'll be able to catch up again with some of these guys. I really want to photograph more of their everyday. Getting to shoot the illegal stuff is fun, but I more interested in their daily grind as artist.