Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kate at Harefield Road

I thought I was going to shoot a bunch this week cause of Thanksgiving, time off with Kate etc, but the twenty frames I shot at brunch today was all I really did. I do like this portrait of Kate, but it made me think of something thats been going through my mind a lot since starting the blog, that damn, I really like to shoot people in this composition. I'd say 80% of the photos on here are this way, I truely do love the head shot/bust type photo, sculpture, painting, etc. Its something I've always like even way back when in high school when I was mostly painting. But from now on I'm going to really try to push my self to shoot some other comps.

Kate Brooklyn 2007

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metempsychosis said...

It's no wonder to me why one would gravitate towards such framing: this is classic stuff. The brightness on her neck and head pushing out of the darkness, for instance, are reminiscent of Vermeer & Rembrandt.