Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dog walks

These flicks are from two separate dog walks. The first b&w from a couple of days ago, the last four from the afternoon before last. You got to love that last hour of day light.

Old Town Hill. Newbury, MA 2008

Kate. Newbury, MA 2008

High Road, Newbury, MA 2008

Kate & Shug. Tendercrop Farm. Newbury, MA 2008

Tendercrop Farm. Newbury, MA 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm back in action, some hassey stuff

Feels good to get some scans done. Here are some quick stuff I shot with my Hassey. I don't plan on shooting anything (w/the hassey) but the project from here on out.
I just scanned these super low res, just wanted to get a feel for how things were looking. So I apologize for the dust and imperfections.

Clay "Cleezy" Patrick McBride ATL 2008
exhausted after a very long day

Josh "Dust La Rock" Prince. Brooklyn 2008
The man, the legend, the brains behind much visual intrigue. Check out his work here.

Kate. City Hall NY, NY 2008

Hanksy. Prospect Park, Brooklyn 2008

Jen Sesma. Prospect Park, Brooklyn 2008

Jon Mildenberg. Prospect Park, Brooklyn 2008

Kate blowing in Shug's ear. Prospect Park, Brooklyn 2008

Syd & Buddy. Prospect Park, Brooklyn 2008

Tim & Betsy. Prospect Park, Brooklyn 2008

Its fun shooting film again, almost a novelty. So sharp, its amazing. Once I get some decent images together from the project I will be posting them here, same deal, rough scans, just to get an idea of where I'm going.


Got my new laptop. Thought I'd do a quick update with some flicks I shot of Mr. Marty Mar a couple of weeks ago.

Feel like these feel like some real NYC type vibe.

Marty Mar NYC 2008

Also getting back into the mode. I've just got back a couple of rolls shot with my hassey 60mm. Hopefully scanning them tomorrow and will post them shortly there after.

Lately been in the process of shooting several portraits for Juxtapoz Magazine for an issue that will drop at the end of the summer. Don't want to give anything away, but I should have about 4 or more portraits in that one issue as well as a contributors section.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

way too long...

Been way too long since my last post. I've got to make an effort this month. Here are a couple of flix from the last few weeks.

First off some iphone flix. It's sad that i'm posting them for photos on here, but I'm really blown away at how decent that little camera is.

Green pen, green grass 2008

Brooklyn Sunset 2008

Kate 2008

Shot Aloke again, just an impromptu night thing. Really just wanted to play with what I could get with no flash.

Aloke 2008

Christian, Lead Singer of Aloke 2008

Quick landscape shot recently.

Route 1. Salisbury, MA 2008

I'm finally think I'm about 75% settled and can start shooting the project. I spent an afternoon up there and the light was beautiful. I've shot a couple of rolls with the hassey to get used to that camera again. I'm hoping to get them processed this week.