Friday, September 18, 2009

Landscapes from the road

After driving 8 days and 3,721 miles I had one of the best experiences of my life. Just me, my wife, my dog and the road. Next time we do a trip like this we have to take double the time, spending a free day in every place we stop, but I think even if you spend weeks on a trip like this you would always wish you had more time.

So here's the last group of pictures from our move/road trip from the east coast to the west coast. Most of the photos I made were landscapes and I am really happy with a few of them. I've also glad to have sit on these the longest because I needed to edit them down a bit. I'd like to make a good edit of all the photos from the trip and work them into some kind of series. Maybe I'll come back to them in a few weeks to re-edit and do some final retouching to them. Thanks to everyone on all the feedback from the other posting.

Ohio rest stop.

Omaha grocery parking lot.

Playground at a state park in Kansas.

Car grave yard in Kansas.

Dry river bed in Pueblo, CO.

Gondola ride, Monarch Pass, CO.

Radio and weather equipment, Monarch Pass, CO.

Motorcycle tourists at Arches National Park, UT

Forest fires and power lines, UT

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Portraits from the road

Here are some of the people we encountered on the road. Only Dylan and Elaine are are people that I knew, the rest strangers. Mostly people were really cool with me shooting them.

Teenagers hanging out in the park.
Pittsburgh, PA 2009

We stayed at Dyland and Elaine's the night after we left NY. They got this massive house in Pittsburgh that they are doing all of the renovations themselves. They have a blog about the progress here. Dylan is an amazing photographer, you can see his work here and Elaine is an amazing writer, see her work here.
Dylan and Elaine Vitone at their new home.
Pittsburgh, PA 2009

Gas attendant girl filling the paper towel holders.
Iowa 2009

Teenagers waiting for friends.
Omaha, NE 2009

Teenager posing for a portrait.
Omaha, NE 2009

Woman taking her puppy for a walk.
Kansas 2009

Monday, September 07, 2009

Portraits of Kate from the road

Editing down my pictures from the road trip has been tough so I decided to break them down into sections. Here several of my wife Kate. Timing is perfect of a post of my favorite person to photograph, its our 2nd anniversary on Tuesday the 8th of Sept.

with Shug
Pittsburgh, PA




with Shug
Monarch Pass, CO

Arches National Park, UT

Lanscapes and other portraits from the road coming soon!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Pictures not from the road trip

So most know and some might still not that my wife and I have relocated to LA. I've been trying to get a second to do a little post that we were going to be moving out here and that we were going to be doing a little road trip but things have been so crazy the past 3 weeks. I plan on doing a good post with my favorite photos from the road trip, but I'm still editing a bit so as for now here are a couple of pictures I made just before we left and a few that I made since we got here.

Here are two from my last days in MA:

Near downtown Newburyport, MA 2009

Ferry Road
Salisbury, MA 2009

Here are a few from the four days in NYC before we left for the road trip to LA:

Everett Miessner, friend and fellow photographer
Brooklyn, NY 2009
Check out Everett's work here.

Washington Square Park, NYC 2009

My brother Derek
Greenwich Village, NYC 2009
Derek just bought a Canon 5D and has been doing some cool video work with it. Check it out on his blog.

So we got to LA this past Thursday night and I had to work the next morning with my good friend Hugh Lippe. The last time we were in LA together he was still assisting, I had made a previous blog post about that trip. It's really funny to look back on that post and to think that I am living here now. Hugh has recently made the jump to shooting and I'm really stoked for him. He was in town to shoot a look book for LA based designer Kimberly Ovitz. It was a long long day but good times were had. Kim was super cool as well as the crew. Check out Hugh's work here.

Hugh Lippe
LA, CA 2009

Georgine Ratelband design intern
LA, CA 2009

Old sports car on a ranch
Ojai, CA 2009

Crystal Cooper, actress and assistant make up artists
Ojai, CA 2009

I hope to get an edit up from the road trip this week. Also, the latest Inc. magazine has a portrait I shot.