Monday, September 07, 2009

Portraits of Kate from the road

Editing down my pictures from the road trip has been tough so I decided to break them down into sections. Here several of my wife Kate. Timing is perfect of a post of my favorite person to photograph, its our 2nd anniversary on Tuesday the 8th of Sept.

with Shug
Pittsburgh, PA




with Shug
Monarch Pass, CO

Arches National Park, UT

Lanscapes and other portraits from the road coming soon!


derek said...

word, i need to travel america.

that's what pittsburg is like? i need to go there/shoot.

looking forward to the rest!

Adam Amengual said...

You would love it. Pittsburgh is a really cool town. If you ever decide to go could prob stay with Dylan.

More portraits on the next post. said...

i have never been to america. i am glad i followed your linked in profile that randomly surfaced on my linked in profile.
there is an expansiveness to your landscape work that i like.

Adam Amengual said...

thank you so much for checking out my work. You finding my work is a testament to how interesting the internet can be in connecting people from around the world. said...

indeed, interesting and useful.
i am in the UK at the moment, and heading back home in 4 days, after 6 months away from seems you are moving home? transition is good.
nice one for responding bru.
i am keen to hear your thoughts on the magazine.

best greetings, and happy settling in.

Adam Amengual said...

Yes, I have just moved to Los Angeles, transition is definitely good. I checked out the online magazine, a lot of great portraits in there. Keep in touch!