Saturday, January 12, 2008

LA LA another big city of dreams

Just got back from a week of assisting in LA. Over all a good time, got to catch up with a bunch of people. It had been over 6 months since I was last out there and it was good to be back. All the people I know out there always show me a good time and are super hospitable. Minus all the bullshit, I think I could move out there someday. Just like NYC there is a bunch of shitty people and a bunch of shitty scenes. But just like NYC you got to see past all that and see what's good and there is definitely a lot of good people.

"LA Scape" 2008

Usually on these jobs I get my own room, but this trip it was shared with my friend and fellow assistant Hugh. Hugh is a sick photographer in his own right check out his work here. Needless to say there was a bunch of down time. It was good though, Hugh and I have known each other for a while now but it was really good to just chill and talk about life and photography.

Hugh at the Mondrian Hotel LA, CA 2008

Hung out one afternoon with a friend from college, Gabe Lacktman. I usually get to see him when I'm out there, he's shown me some wild times out there but this was just a chill afternoon. He's been working as a graphic designer out there and has been doing some stuff for TOM's. We chilled for a minute at his friend Phylo's spot. The massive pitt is Phylo's, I forget his name. Also Gabe gave me a CD of Brother Reade, it's definitely in the hipster genre of hip hop but it has still got to be some of the better stuff I've heard in a long time, I'm not saying I love every track but there is a good mix of thought provoking rhymes but not the emo bullshit thats been put out by other indie hip-hop acts. The other thing is that they are not clowns. It feels like today if its not commercial rap you get either street wear nerds or emo crap. Maybe there is still some hope for hip-hop. Check out their myspace here.

Gabe outside Phylo's apt. LA, CA 2008

Phylo's Pup 2008

Hugh in Beverly Hills, CA 2008

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Gabriel said...

sweet as fuck! Great writing too. P.s. Phylo's dog is names ODEN or ODIN (sp?)