Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Portraits from the road

Here are some of the people we encountered on the road. Only Dylan and Elaine are are people that I knew, the rest strangers. Mostly people were really cool with me shooting them.

Teenagers hanging out in the park.
Pittsburgh, PA 2009

We stayed at Dyland and Elaine's the night after we left NY. They got this massive house in Pittsburgh that they are doing all of the renovations themselves. They have a blog about the progress here. Dylan is an amazing photographer, you can see his work here and Elaine is an amazing writer, see her work here.
Dylan and Elaine Vitone at their new home.
Pittsburgh, PA 2009

Gas attendant girl filling the paper towel holders.
Iowa 2009

Teenagers waiting for friends.
Omaha, NE 2009

Teenager posing for a portrait.
Omaha, NE 2009

Woman taking her puppy for a walk.
Kansas 2009

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