Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Florida Part 2: Miami and the drive to Brooksville...

After the last day of shooting we drove up that afternoon to Miami. Ben and company were flying to Paris the next day. I had a nice evening in Miami, met up with my friend Marco, originally from Boston, and hung with Andrei (Ben's tech) as well as my new English friend Gwyn who was in town with the client we were shooting for in the Keys. It was Gwyn's first trip to the USA and he was going to NYC for a few days before heading back to the UK. It was fun telling him all the places to check out. Hope he had a blast.

South Beach
Miami, FL

Woke up the next morning and had breakfast with my uncle at The Front Porch Cafe. I definitely recommend it. After breakfast my uncle dropped me off at the car rental spot and I started my drive up to Brooksville. It took way to long, I started on the scenic route called the Tamiami Trail, I did the first 2 or so hours on there and then had to get on the freeway to make up some time. I've had to do a few drives in FL in the past few month, it has to be one of the worst states to drive in. I did find a few pictures going through The Everglades though and I'm sure if I stayed on the Tamiami I would have found some more but I needed to get to my grandmothers by dinner.

Morning, my bed and sheets
Raleigh Hotel, South Beach
Miami, FL

Tamiami Trail

Lens fog again from the ac/humidity transition.
The Everglades I
Tamiami Trail, Florida

The Everglades II
Tamiami Trail, Florida

Found two roadside memorials to add to my series while I was on the Tamiami Trail. This first one is a particular style that you see a lot of down there, must be a Florida thing.
Roadside Memorial I
Tamiami Trail, Florida

I really dig this one, the graffiti on the ground is so subtle.
Roadside Memorial II
Tamiami Trail, Florida

That is it from the drive, more to come in the next post from my actual stay in with my grandmother in Brooksville.

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