Monday, September 20, 2010

Florida part 1: Islamorada

The first half of my time in Florida was in Islamorada at a resort called The Moorings. It was beautiful, I actually shot there once before with Don Flood a few years ago, this trip I was working with Ben Watts. It was a really nice few days, talent was cool, production team was rad, big shout out to JC of DB Media Productions. Chad, Tyler and Drew as well, all those production dudes were rad. Thanks to Raegan for flying me out.

Islamorada, FL

Two mop heads
Islamorada, FL

The humidity was insane there, you had to let the cameras sit for about 20 minutes after being in the AC to let them clear of the condensation. I kind of like the effect it had on this image, it has a feeling of waking up in the morn during my stay there.
Islamorada, FL

Sun worshiping bird
Islamorada, FL

Atlantic Ocean
Islamorada, FL

hammock at The Moorings
Islamorada, FL

palm trees at The Moorings
Islamorada, FL

A sun shower at The Moorings
Islamorada, FL

That's the edit from that part of the trip. Next post will be Miami and my drive up to Brooksville, FL where my grandmother lives.

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