Monday, August 09, 2010

Some more catch up...

In June I got to go to back to NYC for the first time since we moved to LA. It was fun to be back. I worked a bit and saw a bunch of friends. I enjoyed getting into the grove there. Subways, sweaty days and nights. I had quickly forgotten the summer grimy grind of it all.

Jeronimo, great guy, one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. He got married this weekend, really wish I could have been there. Big congrats to him and Abigail.

Jon & Sandy on their way to Marion's
Brooklyn, NY

Fence & Weeds
Brooklyn, NY

And back to Cali...

Starting a little series of these. I've always been really drawn to them.
Roadside Memorial
Malibu, CA

Stormy Sunset
Outside Sequoia National Forrest, CA


Andy said...

awesome stuff. good to see you posting again.

Adam Amengual said...

thanks man, happy to be back ;-)