Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Audible Mainframe.

Shot some old friends' from Boston band Audible Mainframe. I used to shoot them back in Bean a bit, I think I shot them for the first time around seven years ago, its kind of crazy to think of it like that.
I went to see them play a few months ago and was blown away at how great of a show they put on now, it had been around 4 years since I last saw them play a gig. They were fun back in the day but now its super tight.
This is a little contact sheet I threw together from a show they did recently at the Maloof Cup, a big skate competition here in So Cal. I don't get to shoot in a reportage style too often and it was a lot of fun. Now that we're all on the same coast I'm sure I'll get to shoot these guys a lot more.

Click on this image to see it big on Flickr or you can see the album they posted on facebook here.

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