Monday, August 09, 2010

Long over due...

I've been so infrequent this year with the blog. I am going to really try to stay consistent after the next couple of "catch up" posts. I also just did a little re-design. I might still tweak it a bit but I dig that I can post larger photos.

These images are from April/May:

I never get to really explore like I used to. You kind of take it for granted living in NY how you can just stumble upon things. Here in LA it seems your 99% of the time going from A to B and miss some things in between. I came across this picture on a rare opportunity I had to walk to work.
Downtown Los Angeles, CA

But on the other hand you don't these kind of scapes back east...
Mammoth Lakes area, California

My grandfather died a few months ago. Great guy, I honestly could not have asked for more in a grandfather. Kate and I got a flight into Ft. Lauderdale and then drove up to Brooksville, where my grandmother lives.
Somewhere outside Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Abandoned Strip Mall
Somewhere in Florida

Guest Bedroom
Brooksville, FL

My Grandfather's Urn
Brooksville, FL

Here's Alex, Michel Comte's 1st.
Alex Jaras
Downtown, LA

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