Saturday, April 19, 2008

NY Magazine and the end of my camera search

So my issue of New York Magazine is out. Click here for a link to the web version. The issue is this week's with McCain on the cover. I was pretty happy with the print quality, and the lighting matched up pretty well. What a hard assignment but I think I earned my stripes, hope it turns into more work. Love for people to check out the print version, but here are some jpgs. A little on the cleaner side than my usual steez, but besides that, I'm really happy with them.

3 Portraits for New York Magazine 2008

On another note, my on going battle with the 4x5 polaroid conversion camera has come to an end. I got a refund. Really sucks, but I've decided, due to multiple reasons, that I'm not going to use that camera. I got the camera back and the same issue was there, I also noticed this time that the film plane wasn't straight either. Michael, the guy who made the camera was super helpful and willing to continue to try to fix the problem, but I couldn't wait any longer. So my next decision was what camera would I use now, I thought everything from using my 5D, buying a Mark III, buying a Toyo field camera or even going back to shooting my old faithful, my Hasselblad. But if I was going to shoot my Hassey, I'd need a new lens, a 60mm (the equivalent of my trusty 35mm on my 5D). In the end I decided to go with the Hassey, besides being the 2nd cheapest choice investment wise, I would be able to shoot a lot more for a lot less money. My sometimes overly opinionated friend and talented photographerYoav asked me why was I shooting 4x5 and why not medium format. My reply was the depth of field fall off and that I wanted to really analize a photo before I snapped it, but my problem is that I didn't really want to commit to a tripod. Also, to really explore this project, it will only help me to shoot more, especially because I've never shot anything in this manner before. I will still get a decent short depth of field with the medium format and I will be able to shoot so much more. It just seems like the natural choice and that is what Yoav was getting at.

So I just ordered the new lens and treated myself to a better focusing screen.

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