Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Back that thang up

Been a crazy week. Shot my first assignment for New York Magazine. Pretty excited about that. Had some great help. Big shout out to Mildenberg and Marty Mar for all the help and laughs. My laptop died and I lost some shit, nothing from the NY Mag shoot, fortunately it died right as I was about to download the first card. But I did loose the photos from the last two posts. Sucks. I really liked them. At least they survived in some form. So I'm now up and running again. The lesson I want all five of you who read this to learn is, back your hard drives up. Loosing your shit sucks. Keep a look out for the issue of New York Magazine, it should be next week or the week after that's issue. I will post the images on here once the mag comes out. Also, I got an iPhone. I talked a lot of shit about it but I am a convert. The thing is pretty amazing, having my portfolio on there is so dope.

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