Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cabin Life

Kate and I had such a good time this past weekend with our good friends Marion and Steve. Two of the most talented people I know, click on their names to check out their work. Marion and her family has some land and a cabin in PA that is such an amazing escape from the city. It was just the four of us which was super nice (well five if you include Shug), perfect amount to fit around the fire. We drank home made brandy made by Marion's pop, ate great food and had even better conversation. It was a bit chilly but it didn't bother us. Being there during the early spring was a lot different than being there in the summer with the small group and cold weather, it was super relaxing.

These are a little out of order:

Marion & Steve @ The Cabin 2008

Scape PA 2008

We went for a walk around the body of water that is there. This is some swamp land on the far side from the cabin.

Scape PA 2008

Kate and Marion nesting it up the first morning. It was a bit chilly that first morning but the place was pretty toasty by that night.

Kate & Marion @ The Cabin 2008

Like I mentioned before, the place has a different vibe in the winter, beautiful in its own way. Here the lake was about half frozen. Shug was really funny trying to run over it.

Scape PA 2008

Scape PA 2008

And our wonderful hosts. I can't thank Marion enough for giving us this weekend to get out of the city, but also for sharing this special place over the last couple of years. I know there are many many many more memories to come.

Marion & Steve @ The Cabin II 2008

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