Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still settling...

We've been in LA for around 6 weeks and its been an interesting ride so far. I've been concentrating mostly on assisting to make sure I get some steady income and to establish myself a bit here within the assisting world. Things have been great in that realm. Been working again with Ben Watts, he's NY based but is out here a ton.Kevin Zacher, an LA based photographer whom I had worked with in NYC a few times over the last few years and Norman Jean Roy, whom I had never worked with before moving here. All are great photographers and I'm stoked to be working with all of them. I have a few others that I've been in contact with but I don't want to mention any names so not to jinx it.

My own photography has been slowed up a bit due to the move but I hope that my picture taking will pick up a bit in the next month or so. The loft we are renting has some amazing light so I'm going to start shooting portraits up here a bunch and then I'm thinking of hitting the road once a month to find people to photograph. I'm really excited to explore this part of the country.

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks.

The light in the loft is amazing, I'm really excited to get some V-flats up here so I can shape the light more.
Kate in our loft
Los Angeles, CA 2009

Thomas Spencer, one of his last days in LA before moving to Europe.
Los Angeles, CA 2009

Kate & Luna
Los Angeles, CA 2009

Jennifer Juniper Stratford
Los Angeles, CA 2009
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derek said...

been looking forward to some new blog work! glad to see that things are going well for you bro. congrats.