Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some snaps from a Saturday

Had a nice day off yesterday. I made an unexpected stop at the NYPH '09 and I'm really happy I did. Ran into some friends and got to see some good work. Of course there was the usual stuff that I wasn't into but there was a good vibe and I was introduced to several photographers works that I hadn't seen before or heard of before. Here's a list of people worth checking out.

Corey Arnold
Tim Hetherington
Jacob Holdt
Brad Harris

I then stopped by a B-Day BBQ, happy birthday Reggie.

A view from the Manhattan Bridge
East River, NY 2009

Addie's neighbor's pitbull
Brooklyn, NY 2009

Asif Mian
Brooklyn, NY 2009

Reggie having a good birthday
Brooklyn, NY 2009

A rose freeing itself
Brooklyn, NY 2009

Brooklyn, NY 2009

Jon S. Mildenberg
Brooklyn, NY 2009

Lights and trees
Brooklyn, NY 2009

Asif and the pit make friends
Brooklyn, NY 2009

Haven't posted a collection of snaps in a while, I'm also really feeling b&w again. Shooting again for TimeOut NY today, should be good.


Josh D said...

great pictures.

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