Monday, May 04, 2009

New 4x5 & Hassey stuff

Here's some film stuff I've shot over the past few weeks. Now it's warming up the beach stuff should start filtering its way on here. In the mean time here is some 4x5 and Hasselblad stuff. Once again they are all just quick scans for me to start feeling all this stuff out. I really enjoy shooting the 4x5, but I also really love the look from the Hassey.

Aidan & Oran next to the compost pile
Rowely, MA 2009

Chris, Jen, Asher & another baby boy on the way
Amesbury, MA 2009

Dad & Darlene in their backyard
Fremont, NH 2009

Dad testing out his new bike
Fremont, NH 2009

My niece Alia waiting to go to the father/daughter dance
Hampton Falls, NH 2009

Kate trying to stay warm
Hampton Falls, NH 2009

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