Saturday, March 07, 2009


So I've finally finished doing some quick Epson scans of the negs that I got processed a few weeks ago. This first batch is kind of random stuff I've shot and the second post will be stuff from Harbor Island, when I was there for work. I have to say again, I still truly love shooting film for my personal work. I feel like I get something out of the creative process that I miss when shooting digital. I never mean to down on digital, I think there are many advantages to digital over film, especially now with the high ISO shooting cameras that have come out. Also in editorial and commercial shooting digital has become an necessity. We're going to start seeing photographs in low light that could have never been made before, a huge advantage to anyone working in a documentary style. Working with film is just a different experience that I think everyone can learn from. I really like shooting with different formats and cameras which cause you to shoot differently.
Almost all of these are of Kate, god bless her on her being my constant subject. These are some seasonal photos of different times in New England.

Kate & I going shopping at a strip mall
Seabrook, NH 2008

I did a really wide portrait of Derek that I posted a few months ago. I really liked the feel of it so I've been experimenting with that style a bit more. I guess its an extreme version of my usual full length environmental portraits that I make. I really like this one a lot too.

Kate in the dunes
Salisbury Beach, MA 2008

Kate & Shug on a walk 1
Amesbury, MA 2008

Kate & Shug on a walk 2
Amesbury, MA 2008

Kids taking a break from jumps
Fremont, NH 2008

Dunes Motor Inn empty in the off season
Hampton, NH 2008


Anonymous said...

love that beach shot.

Brian said...

Love this.

Brian said...

Love this.