Saturday, March 07, 2009

Contax and some books

So I've recently been shooting a bit with my Contax g2. What a beautiful little camera. So fast so compact it feels so good to shoot with. I've often shy away from shooting with it because I think that I might as well use my Canon 5D, but I get so much enjoyment from shooting with that thing. My friend Stephen Schuster uses it a lot. Check out his blog and website. I've picked it up again and started shooting some b&w, I plan on processing and scanning it myself to keep costs down. Its a nice camera for me to "sketch with". Here is an example of s shot from a year or so ago that I just scanned. Another thing is that the on camera flash looks great as well.

Kate waiting for the L train
Brooklyn NY 2008?

On some brain building stuff I've been reading two photo books lately. One is Image Makers, Image Takers by Anne-Celine Jaeger:

The sub title really bothers me, but the interviews are pretty interesting. It's been kind of like hearing lectures except you can't ask your own questions. I'm about half way through and even the David LaChapelle interview didn't bother me too much.

The other book I'm slowly getting through is Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before by Michael Fried:

Damn this is a incredibly dense book, but I'm making it through slowly and its has brought some thoughts on contemporary photography to light that I haven't thought of before. It too has an annoying title.

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