Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm currently in our nation's capital, shooting some more for a project Roger Gastman is working on. I can't show most of the photographs but I can show a couple of portraits of the crew. I really really like this composition, I think that i like it too much. Much like I was stuck on the bust/head shot composition, this is now my new favorite way to shoot portraits. I know I really enjoy having the landscape in the picture and when shooting back lit like this it just make it feel like such a moment. I can't wait to get that 4x5 camera, I can only imagine what these would look like if shot large format.
We've been shooting in some really bad neighborhoods trying to find some relics of the past. Not poorest neighborhoods I've ever been in, I've got to say the areas around Jackson, Mississippi would unfortunately win that award.

These two are of Corey, a local artist and graffiti writer. He's been helping Roger with the project, kind of as a local producer and historian of D.C.
I think I like the second image the most, but I like that there is some depth to the first, some stuff in the foreground, this is something I was to keep in mind.

Corey portrait 1, Washington D.C. South East 2008

Corey portrait 2, Washington D.C. South East 2008

Here is Ned, he's the video camera man on the project.

Ned, Washington D.C. South East 2008

I'm here for a few more days. I'm sure I'll do another post about the trip when I return to NY.

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Anonymous said...

I really like these. The light is beautiful.