Saturday, December 29, 2007


After a little craziness we finally made it up north for Christmas. We got to see both sides of our family and as usual I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to. I didn't have my shoulder bag and I've realized how much of a difference it makes having my camera right at my side. I don't think, I just shoot. We also picked up the sound gear, super excited to get that ball rolling. My grandparents were up from Florida, it was really good to see them, I promised I would visit some time in the next month or so. Love to get the chance to photograph them some more.

Other exciting news, I just ordered another camera, it's a polaroid 110b camera frankensteined w/ an old Crown Graflex 4x5 film back. Basically making a 4x5 range finder. Check it out here. I've been thinking long and hard and I know I want to shoot an upcoming project 4x5. Of course I want the look and beauty of large format photographs but just as important to me is the subject's relation and interaction with the camera. What camera you shoot dictates how you photograph, but I think it is often forgotten how the subject reacts when different cameras are pointed at them.

Kate & Shug 2007 Freemont, NH Christmas Day

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