Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Afternoon with Aloke

Yesterday I spent the afternoon taking pictures for my friend's band Aloke. Good time, got to know the other band members a bit more, all really nice guys. Basically we cruised around their hometown area, reminded me a lot of my hometown. I really like a couple of the shots, especially the portraits and tighter stuff. They're getting their new album mastered right now, so hopefully they'll be pitching it to labels early next month with a couple of my pictures in their promo. I think I'm going to head up to Boston with them a the end of Jan. which should be fun. They're also planning a road trip to CA for west coast tour, I mentioned maybe meeting up with them out there and hitting a few cities and they seemed down. I'd like to work it into a trip to LA to shoot Saber some more and a trip to SF to see Goggs. Its not till March so we'll see what works out.

Here's a couple of quick JPGS. Love any feedback.

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mrs. b said...

adam- you do great work. i only wish i had the time to be out there like you are. amazing. keep it coming.