Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last post for the year...4x5

Not perfect but close, I could only take so much dust removal. If I get these printed I will have to do a bit more work with them. Color is pretty close, learning how to scan again.

I was on a gig in Palm Springs a few months ago and the house was 99% original to the first owner, a bit cool and a bit creepy, this is a picture of the master bedroom.
William Cody House
Rancho Mirage, CA

Kate on her 30th birthday
Sequoia National Forest, CA

In college you could always count on someone taking a picture of one of the following every semester of every intro class: self portrait (often nude), homeless person, cat, or a cemetery. I've covered two in the last two posts.
Downed tree in a very old cemetery
Near Sequoia National Forest, CA

Here are a few road side memorials that I've shot 4x5 and hope to continue to.

"Mary Nelson"


"We Love You Bryan"

Also started a portrait project of a young Marine, named Ryan. Hope to do a second portrait soon.
Ryan in front of his family's boat the "Sarah Jeanne"
Long Beach, CA

I have about a half dozen more sheets to either process or scan so I will slowly be putting that work out. The fashion stories I've shot recently is the next thing I will be working on as well as a little website update.

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