Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last post before the New Year?

I'm going to still try to get to those 4x5 scans this week, but I am also trying to revamp/reedit/pump some life into the website. Maybe some blog images will make it over there. I've just been shooting a bunch again with my Lumix, got bored with it for a few weeks but I'm having fun with it again. It's been a crazy few weeks between moving and the holidays but I'm hoping that I can start keeping up the posts. We've been doing a ton of walks this week, most of these images are from them. Where we live now is next to a massive park, endless loops of trails in there. I've missed having relaxing walks right out my door. Happy that they are back.

Last few posts I made were so stretched out in the editing that I end up cutting a lot. I kind of like making more spontaneous posts. Just throwing up my favorites from the week. If I wait to long on posting the images I end up making way to hard of an edit and I think the blog looses some of journal qualities.

Did a job a little while ago with Mr. Embry Rucker down near his home turf in SD. I worked with him years ago in NYC and have started working him out here on a pretty regular basis. One of my favorite people I've got to know since moving out here, also one of my favorite photographers to work for and its not 'cause he likes guns, I promise.
San Diego, CA

Embry in his rad hat.
San Diego, CA

It rained for what seemed a week here just before Christmas. Got a fever of a 103.4 F at some point.
Condensation on the front window.
Montecito Heights
Los Angeles, CA

We walked down to the "river" the day after the rained stopped. It was moving, can't imagine how dirty that water is.
Arroyo Seco
Los Angeles, CA

Cat on a leash
Arroyo Seco bike path
Los Angeles, CA

Took Shug for a walk the morning of Christmas fog was really lingering, and yes, thats fog, not smog. Well, maybe smog in the distance.
View of the 110 Freeway
From Montecito Heights
Los Angeles, CA

Christmas decorations
Montecito Heights
Los Angeles, CA

Here are a few random snaps from different walks over the past week around Montecito Heights.
Flattened palms

Bird on a wire

Fallen pomegranates

More birds, more wires

Two plates of glass and some grass

Here's a compilation of pictures of Kate from the past week or so from our walks on Montecito Heights.




And here are two from a trip up to Burbank.

Kate driving
Burbank, CA

Burbank, CA

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embry_rucker said...

Adam, i was going to make a New Year's Resolution of not hireing you again, but now.... you're back in the loop. Thanks Man - feeling's mutual.