Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some snaps from the past week or two

Here are a couple of pictures from the past week or two or maybe three. I've started not dumping my card from my everyday shooting till it fills up. The biggest I have is a 4 gig card, I get about 140 frames. From just carrying my camera it takes a little while to fill. I'll also take it out and save it for later when shooting gigs or personal project stuff. Its nice, almost like film because I forget some pictures. All of them I ran through light room, might make final versions later of a few of them. Also I'm loving the 50mm Zeiss lens that I got a while back as well.

Kate helping out on a portrait shoot for Inc magazine
NH 2009

Sunset from a walk with Shug
Newbury, MA 2009

Sunset at the Reservation
Salisbury, MA 2009

Shug tethered in the yard
Newbury, MA 2009

Power line access road
Newbury, MA 2009

Getting out of the shower during sun rise
New York, New York 2009

Danielle at the end of a shoot
Brooklyn, NY 2009
Danielle is a friend and fellow photographer. Check out her work here. She also just put a book up on blurb.


embry_rucker said...

Hey Adam, i love that 'Power Line' shot...really cool.

Adam Amengual said...

Thanks man! Hope all is well.