Wednesday, July 29, 2009

iPhone "Polaroids"

Another bit of photo fun that I feel I should mention is my latest iPhone app obsession, Shake It Photo. I've been looking into different apps to do in-phone tweaking, filtering, toning, etc. I wasn't satisfied with anything I saw till last week I met a photographer named Olivier Renck who showed me Shake It. I was sold immediately. It's cheaper than most other programs similar to it and I think the final result looks a lot better. One thing people bring up is, "can't you just get that look in photoshop?" They're 100% right, but I would never spend the time, even to run it through an action is an extra step I don't want to do. Also, I can upload them via my phone directly to the web or email them out with the tweaked look. It's funny because real polaroids were crappy, small prints and super portable, kind of like how the iPhone is. Here's a couple examples. I've also uploaded a ton to Facebook, you can see them here and here. It's just plain fun.


vanessa said...

Hey Adam! I am loving the iphone polaroids. I have to agree, it doesn't feel that sacrilegious once you realize a phone camera is just another plastic toy camera we can experiment with.

But of course, it's the dude behind the phone. Really nice images. Particularly that Flying Shug.

Adam Amengual said...

Thanks Vanessa! I agree with you 100%, the funny thing is too that the print size is only about 3.5"x3.5". I haven't printed one yet but plan to soon.

I like the dog one a lot too, unfortunately its not Shug, but a friend of ours dog named Bone. They look so similar though, I kept getting them confused out the corner of my eye.