Monday, January 19, 2009

1 Snaps

I felt like I had to post something. Been a while. Winter kind of sucks. I love the change of seasons but making pictures outside in it is tough, I do make pictures indoors and I do make portraits indoors but I prefer wide open spaces for my personal work. I recently made this landscape, which I also shot on 4x5, I'll post that and probably repost this shot as well as a comparison. This was definitely the first time I've really used my canon as a "polaroid" for something I shot on film, in particular the with the 4x5 camera, which I really want to do more in the future. I've also pushed the color a bit here which is a continued experiment.

Snow mound in a mall parking lot.
NH, 2009


Jon Hanks said...

'This was definitely the first time I've really used my canon as a "polaroid"': Please explain what you mean by this.

Adam Amengual said...

A lot of the time when people shoot, especially film, they would do a snap with a polaroid camera to get an idea of what they were shooting, how the light looked, etc. Now most people shoot digital, they still call the test frames shot "polaroids" or "digi polaroids". Now that i've been shooting film that costs $5 every time I press the shutter I've been thinking of doing a test snap first with my digi. Some people I work with who still use film do the same. Real polaroid is too damn expensive.
Loved that last post on your blog btw.