Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Hassey snaps

So since I've been shooting my project up in in MA/NH I've been also carrying my Hasselblad around taking portraits of different people in my life. Its been nice, especially the style in which I've been shooting for the past year or two with my digital camera translates almost too well to the medium format and film. I hate the film vs digital conversation, and most people (including myself) always give the answer, "oh, well I shoot digital, but I really love film, its just film costs too much, or thats what the clients want." Truth is, for me anyway, film just has some magic to it. I will continue to shoot digital for my editorial gigs, but I definitely made the right choice to shoot film on my Beach Project. I'm enjoy the process of shooting film so much. Not being able to show the subject what the picture looks like is huge, and makes my work flow so much smoother. Also waiting for the pictures has become so exciting too. So here are a couple of portraits of friends from the past 3 months. I'm still editing a bit on the project stuff, waiting to get some feedback from some close friends and critics. But I will definitely post some stuff in the next few weeks.

All of these images are just some quick proof scans I have done on my cheap Epson scanner.

Good old friend of mine and great painter. Check out her work here.

Addie, Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Summer 2008

Caleb is an amazing photographer, check out his work here. Caleb just got a full ride for grad school at the Chicago Institute of Art and definitely worth checking out.

Caleb, Maine
Summer 2008

Sterling and David I've known from my Boston days. David works in NY and doing some great video work these days. Sterling is a musician and sells rare art books in Boston.

Sterling and David, Ipswich, MA
Summer 2008

Here is another shot of Heather and Hugh. So much more beautiful on film. Here's a link to the digi version.
Heather is a model agent at Supreme Model Management and Hugh as I've mentioned many times before is a great photographer. He's got a story coming out soon in Exit Magazine and you can see his work here.

Heather and Hugh, York, Maine
Summer 2008

And of course, my wife, Kate.

Kate, Salisbury, MA
Summer 2008

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