Sunday, August 24, 2008

Juxtapoz Magazine cont.

Here are the images from the mag along with some outtakes from the shoot with Cycle. Roger Gastman from Swindle Magazine was a guest editor and hooked it all up, I also just peeped the masthead and I'm listed as one of the issues photo editors, now there's one for the resume. I had a really great time shooting all of these guys. Writers always have some of the best stories and I was told several good ones on these gigs. I had my usual 1-3 hrs with Crash, Chino, Stay High, but I spent the better part of the day with Cycle up in his hometown where he grew up. It was pretty cool, gave me the home town tour of sorts through all the old spots where he hung out as a kid. Everyone I shot was super chill and down for whatever. Juxtapoz liked the pictures so much that they hired me directly (instead of through Roger) to shoot an artist that will be in a fall isssue of the Mag.

Chino, Brooklyn, NY 2008
Check out his blog

Crash, South Bronx, NY 2008

First shot of Cycle is what ran in the mag.

Cycle, shot in his hometown in Connecticut 2008

Stay High 149, Queens, NY 2008

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