Thursday, February 10, 2011

From January

Here's a few snaps from last month. Not a lot but a few made the cut.

Landry on Montecito Drive
Los Angeles, CA

Kate on one of our walks last month.
Los Angeles, CA

Dead stuff...
Los Angeles, CA

30,000 ft. on my way to NYC

As I mentioned in a previous post I went to NYC at the end of last month. If I didn't get to see you I apologize it was kind of crazy trip and I was there for my good friend Jon Mildenberg's birthday so time with him in BK took priority. Trip was great, took a lot of "party" snaps for memory sake, made a few pictures of the snow and took a portrait of Marion that I posted here right when I got back. Wish I brought my 4x5 but I was packing light.

Early morning after a storm in Greenwich Village
New York, NY

Apartments and snow covered trees in Chelsea
New York, NY

Been shooting a bit of assignment stuff since I've been back. A Guitar World feature, a video look book and a portrait/PR photos for Al Shux, english dude that produced and co-wrote Empire State of Mind. He's up for a grammy, really hope he gets it. Al was mad chill and down to earth, really good dude. I'm stoked on the pictures too, hope to post them in the next week or so.

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