Saturday, October 09, 2010


I've been trying to shoot a bit more outside of my usual stuff. I got together with this model named Olivia a week or so ago, kicked it for a few hours, talked about life and made a few pictures. I also shot a proper fashion test last week which came out great and will be getting it published in a new mag call Native Belle, then I guess technically its not considered a test anymore. So I will be holding of posting anything from that fashion story till the mag runs.

Olivia's necklace
Venice Beach, CA

Olivia I
Venice Beach, CA

Olivia II
Venice Beach, CA

Olivia III
Venice Beach, CA

Also added two pictures to the "people, places, and things" section of my site. Images #5 and #7.


betsy said...

the first picture makes me think of the one of your grandmother's fish necklace. i love the hands in both of them.

miss you mucho. xo

Adam Amengual said...

thank you! How's life outside the city, I'm sure you're really enjoying it. We are about to move to a more peaceful environment outside the city a bit. We're so excited.