Monday, September 15, 2008

Some nerd shit...33 mega pixel camera

So today I was assisting Don Flood the digital tech and I started doing some test on this new camera that came out. For those of you that live and work in this world you probably don't care, but for people not in the industry you might be interested, or you just might be a nerd like me. I'll often in conversation about work mention that the high end digital backs are 33-39 mega pixels. These examples are from a 33 mpxl Leaf back with their new camera system which has amazing lenses. This is the full frame and then a full res crop.

The first image was not cropped the 90mm just gets super close.

And here is a full res crop at 100%.

Make sure you click on these pictures to see them bigger.

All right. Nerd signing off...

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