Monday, March 10, 2008

On the road with CPMcB

Been on a three city tour with my boss and good friend Clay. This is our last night of the trip and its been a real good time. We started off in Panama City, FL and shot local rapper Blood Raw. What a rad dude that guy was. I mean the guy broke so many stereo types of a southern, black MC. The dude was straight hood, but was crazy honest about who he was and where he came from. Clay shot a bunch of super 8mm film and I did some audio recording that we're hoping to put together in a short. He gave us a real straight up from the heart interview that gave me goose bumps at parts, it was an amazing experience. Next day we drove down to Fort Myers with a quick pit stop for dinner at my grandparent's. Saw my Aunt Laura as well. It was really short but super nice to see them. In Fort Myers we did an ad for Nike which went super well, then on to Chicago for another musician shoot. Last night was a funny story. To make a long story short, we ending up at some local pub with Kid Rock (a friend of Clay's) and drank beers while Kid Rock sang karaoke. Pretty random but the everyone at the spot was mad chill. Got to see my old friend Nick Childs and his fiancee as well. One of my oldest and best friends, can't wait for his wedding this summer.

As usual I wish I shot a bit more, but here are a few snaps from the trip. Its still not over, so another post maybe follow.

CPMcB Panama City, FL 2008

CPMcB some where in FL 2008

Oranges in Florida 2008

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